Alpine® Auto-Smoke Fire-Tite IMB® Smoke Contained Door

Smoke Sealed Fire Doors

AutoCAD drawings and AutoCAD details may be selected on the smoke contained door and roller grille. AutoCAD drawings and AutoCAD details may be selected on the CAD FILES option to the right. Click here to request a quote. The smoke contained door may be viewed in PDF format below. For marine doors please refer to the item on the product index. The AutoCAD drawings and AutoCAD details for this roller grille comply with 08000 & 08330 construction for roll up doors.

Alpine’s Auto-Smoke Fire-Tite® IMB is an automatic door and an insulated door. This high quality roller grille is designed to prevent the spread of smoke. It has the same features as the Fire-Tite® with the addition of an “S” rating for smoke leakage. This helps prevent property damage and health risks associated with smoke. The automatic feature of this smoke contained door allows for ease of use because manual reset is not required after each drop test or activation. These doors are built in accordance with requirements specified by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. Most importantly, Alpine’s smoke contained door provides excellent protection against fire, smoke, theft and unauthorized entry. Alpine’s products are sure to meet all of your fire and smoke door needs.

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Face Mounted to Masonry
Face Mounted to Steel
Between Jamb Mounted (Packout)
Between Tube Mounted