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Auto Smoke Fire-Tite® - Sealed Automatic Closing Fire Doors

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Product Features

  • High quality fire door designed to prevent the spread of smoke
  • Perimeter smoke seals standard
  • Approved for stainless steel fire doors
  • Oversize UL label up to 56′ x 30′
  • Built in accordance with the requirements specified by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
  • 3 Hour approved for overhead fire doors in dividing fire walls with openings not exceeding 120 sq. ft. in area. 
  • 1.5 Hour approved for doors in vertical shaft openings not exceeding 120 sq. ft. in area. 
  • .75 Hour approved for doors in corridor or room-partition opening not exceeding 120 sq. ft. in area. 
  • 1.5 Hour approved for industrial service doors in exterior wall opening not exceeding 120 sq. ft. in area.

The Alpine Auto-Smoke Fire-Tite® smoke seals have all the features of the Fire-Tite® with the addition of an “S” rating for smoke leakage. The Smoke Fire-Tite® smoke control doors utilize a vinyl smoke seal on the bottom bar, brush seals on the guides and lintel to stop the movement of smoke through the door. This prevents property damage and health risks.

Auto-Smoke Fire-Tite® curtains are constructed of galvanized steel in 2-3/4″ flat, slats, and can be finished with powder coating or baked enamel finishes. These overhead fire doors are equipped with a 22 gage steel hood formed to fit the contour of the end brackets. Durable ductile iron endlocks with 1/4″ semi-solid rivets and wind locks are available. Our industrial service doors have supports and brackets that are all steel plates no less than 1/4″ thick. Alpine’s Torsion Counterbalance Assembly is state of the art, providing maximum security and ease of use.

2.75 Flat Slat

2 3/4″ Flat Slat