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Dock Port 6" Curved Slat Door

HEAVY DUTY DOORS CONSTRUCTION DESIGN (ISO 9001: 2000 Registered Company). Quality port doors request a quote. These coiling doors and rolling steel doors are ideal for use in factories, parking garages, harsh environments, airports, rolling loading docks, ferry loading dock doors, and helicopter hanger doors. These heavy duty doors are also ideal for industrial and commercial buildings, security/impact areas, high traffic areas, shipping and ocean container loading and unloading areas, airport hangars, prisons, military bases and roll up pier doors and service dock doors.

The Alpine coiling Dock Port 6″ rolling steel doors, curved slat, pier doors are strong and come in contoured interlocking slat designs. Dock port doors can be hand-chain or motor operated. All of the service dock doors and rolling steel doors have operators that can be adapted to specific conditions.  Slide lock or pin locking mechanisms can be provided depending on the type of roll up door operation.  All heavy duty doors, service dock doors are durable, sturdy and economical to install and maintain. These heavy duty doors have specially designed coiling 6″ curved slats. These roll up coiling door slats are very durable. This titan of  service dock doors is the largest and strongest loading dock door available. These dock port coiling doors are massive in size and are great for your largest helicopter hangar door openings. They can be constructed 75 feet wide and 90 feet tall (for larger sizes consult Alpine Engineering team). The roll up coiling 6″ curved slats can withstand heavy loading dock impacts. These heavy duty doors can be equipped with a variety of roll up options. They are great as ferry loading dock doors and helicopter hangar doors because of their rugged construction. These dock port doors are constructed from 6″ tall curved slats that are made of 13 gauge, 14 gauge, and light as 18 gauge steel so they can take the impact of your ferry loading dock doors and helicopter hangar doors. See Alpine’s drawings for the heavy duty doors guide configurations and more.

Other Uses – Extreme width or height openings, heavy duty doors for ferry loading dock doors, port doors and helicopter hangar doors, extreme wind load environments, rolling steel doors that must be operated during significant wind conditions and offshore ship yards.ChelseaPiers3

Locations of Dock Port 6” curved slat pier doors and service dock doors:

Brooklyn Army Terminal, NYC Dept. – Pier Shed #2, Brooklyn, New York 242 doors
Marine & Aviation – Mitsul Lines, Brooklyn, New York 75 doors
Port of New York Authority – Piers 9A & 9B, Brooklyn, New York 74 doors
US Lines – Piers 59, 60, 61 & 62, New York City 233 doors
Commonwealth of Massachusetts – Pier 3, Boston, Massachusetts 11 doors
City of Philadelphia – Municipal Piers 9, 38, 40 & 42 22 doors
Port of Miami – Transit Shed #1, Miami, Florida 30 doors
Tioga Marine Terminal -Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 32 doors
Container Terminal – Berth #80 & #82, Port Elizabeth, New Jersey 8 doors
Universal Maritime Service Corp. – Transit Shed, Port Newark, NJ 11 doors
Consolidated Passenger Ship Terminal – Pier 88, N.R., NYC 5 doors

Standard Specifications

9.6.1 These heavy duty doors shall be Alpine’s Dock Port Doors as manufactured by Alpine Overhead Doors, Inc. Heavy duty doors mounted on exterior walls shall be designed for a proof load of 42 PSF for doors under 40ft. wide, and 30 PSF for port doors over 40ft. wide.
9.6.2 Curtain shall consist of interlocking steel slats roll formed in easy curves and designed to present a water shedding surface on the weather side. The slats for these rolling steel doors shall be open hearth steel, hot dip galvanized in accordance with ASTM Standards for 1.75 oz. Class. The rolling steel doors slats shall be 14, 16 or 18 gauge with a 6” min. width and a 1-3/16” min. crown. Slats shall be provided alternately with endlocks and windlocks. Both locks shall be of galvanized malleable iron and shall have a baffle to assist in weatherstripping. Locks of the dock port doors shall be fastened to slats by four 5/16 carriage bolts. The bottom edge of the curtain shall be reinforced with two angles 2.5x2x3/16 hot dip galvanized with not less than 2 oz. pure zinc per square foot. A looped rubber weatherstrip shall be mounted between the angles for the full width of opening.
9.6.3 Spring Counterbalance. The curtain of the pier doors shall be counterbalanced at every point in it’s travel by means of helical torsion springs placed inside the barrel and fixed on each end to anchors, designed to prevent internal collapsing of springs at contact points. The barrel of the service dock doors and dock port coiling doors shall be a steel pipe whose deflection under load shall not exceed .03 inch/ft of span, and shall have welded steel plugs at each end.

9.6.4 Supporting Brackets for the rolling steel doors shall be of 3/8” min. steel plate with hood supports. Brackets of the heavy duty doors shall be hot dip galvanized with 2 oz. pure zinc per sq.ft.
9.6.5 Guides shall be composed of 1/4” min. steel angles for doors mounted on exterior walls. The leg of angles forming the guide on the heavy duty doors and port doors  groove shall be 4” min. in length for doors up to and including 22’-6” and 5” min. for wider doors. Guides of the pier doors shall be equipped with locking bar to engage and retain the windlocks. Guides shall be hot dip galvanized with 2 oz. pure zinc per sq.ft.
9.6.6 Hoods enclosing door coils shall be made of hot dip galvanized sheet metal not lighter than 24 gauge. Hoods of rolling steel doors for openings over 14ft. in width shall have intermediate supporting brackets placed 10ft. on center.
9.6.7 Bearings. Main door shaft bearings shall be heavy duty precision ball bearings of sealed cartridge type.
9.6.8 Powder Coating. Galvanized surfaces shall be treated for paint adhesion, followed by a zinc dust primer, air dried and painted with a rust inhibiting paint. All other surfaces (except working parts of machinery and other surfaces not normally painted) shall be given a powder coat of rust inhibiting paint on the heavy duty doors and port doors.

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Powder Coating

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