Alpine® Marine Roll Up Doors

Quality Marine Doors For Use in H-O Rated Marine Bulkheads

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Rolling Marine Industrial Fire doors,

We know how important it is to protect your ship or oil platform for Fire containment. For over 12 years, Alpines HO Marine Fire containment. Customer service and your ship’s safety are our highest priority.

Our company provides a H0 fire rated rolling doors for onboard fire suppression, for your marine needs. see how we can assist you in bringing high standards of marine fire safety to your oil platform or vessel.

Marine products

Products used on maritime vessels must comply with rigorous fire Standards established by international governing bodies. Alpine has developed a rolling door with surface flammability performance used to protect your ship or oil platform for Fire containment bulkheads,

Alpine offers certification expertise, and more than 12 years of experience supporting guidelines of the International Maritime Organization (IMO),  Alpines HO rolling fire door was expose in a test furnace to temperatures corresponding approximately to the standard time-temperature curve. These tests determine that products do not produce excessive quantities of flame, smoke and toxic gases at elevated temperatures.

     IMO Resolution