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Wooden Counter Shutter

Wooden Counter Shutters

Product Features

  • Combines the richness and beauty of wood with the security and practicality of a roll-up door
  • Highly durable, designed to withstand heavy commercial use
  • Little to no maintenance is required

These Wood counter shutters and wood doors are ideal for office windows, school cafeterias, healthcare facilities, hospitals and airport concession displays. Wood shutters offer the richness and beauty of wood with the practicality of a roll up door.

Alpine’s wood rolling doors are constructed with the highest quality material and the latest in technical innovation to ensure that each roll up wood door exceeds the requirements it is meant to achieve. Alpine’s winning team of employees work diligently with the customers beyond the sale. We show our customers that their satisfaction is our top priority. Alpine’s quality and workmanship with wooden counter shutters is proven throughout the door industry. Our hands-on approach to every job ensures customer satisfaction.

Each roll up wood counter door is built to the exact opening size requirements for your specific project. When the wood shutter is rolled up the curtain is fully stored in an overhead coil and is fully supported by the side guides. These wood rolling doors are highly durable and are designed to withstand heavy commercial use. Best of all, little to no maintenance is required.

1 1/2″ Wooden Slat